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Making the Invisible Visible

We took Catalyst’s workplace data and turned it into a global movement. Gender bias is so ingrained in society that it’s invisible and unconscious – even the most progressive among us can be guilty of it. The good news is once you learn how to identify your own unconscious bias, you can make a conscious choice to work against it. That’s why we created the #BiasCorrect Plug-In for Slack — a tool that helps you spot your own unconscious bias in everyday conversations, biases that are stopping women from achieving equality at work. We broke through the clutter of International Women’s Day with 0 media dollars, creating a gender equality movement for Catalyst. This was no fleeting stunt – we leveraged technology and human stories with concrete tools for combating bias long term. We enrolled 60 boss ladies (from Hillary Clinton to Sheryl Sandberg to Sallie Krawcheck and more) to kick off the campaign as our primary “media” channel, ultimately garnering more than 185 million free impressions, and increasing Catalyst’s social media following by 2000% in 24 hours.