Finding and defining BIGGER potential through the most critical and foundational elements of your brand, regardless of where you are in your journey – from pre-launch to launch to reinvention.

A thorough analysis via secondary research of all the elements that will impact the brand’s path forward. Our synthesis creates a shared understanding of the brand context, identifies areas for future learning, and sets the stage for all workstreams to come.

Strategic blue print of all the critical elements that define a brand. We mine cultural trends and use co-creation insights to gain inspiration and expand thinking.

The organizing principle for products/brands designed to maximize product success and minimize overlap. A matrix of products/brands organized by why consumers enter the category and how they choose products.

The hierarchy and familial relationships between brands in a portfolio based on business goals, marketing budgets and ease of shoppability.

A psychographic and demographic profile of the target audience. We define both media-ready and innovation-ready target profiles.

Leaping off of the brand’s positioning, we create the assets that define the brand. The indelible marks such as logo, iconography, color palette, photographic style and graphics.

The moniker that gives people the starting point for identifying and choosing a brand.